Fall 2018:

PSYC301: Biological Basis of Behavior

PSYC301 is a junior-level course exploring the neurobiological basis of behavior. We cover the basic principles of brain organization and neural transmission, and explore topics including psychopharmacology, emotion, learning and memory, stress, and drug abuse.

Spring 2019:

PSYC889: Cognitive and Neural System Seminars (Tuesdays, 2pm, BPS1234)
The goals of the seminar is to bridge the gap between computational, cognitive and neuroscience research in the department and give graduate students and postdoctoral fellows opportunities to practice presenting their work. Here is our schedule:

Feb 5th: Yaqiong Xiao presents "Brain Functional Connectivity and its Relation to Social Interaction in Childhood"
Feb 12th: Mike Dougherty p resents "Evaluating Research Quality". 
Feb 19th: Manasij Venkatesh presents "Brain dynamics and temporal trajectories during task and naturalistic processing"
Feb 26th: Matt Roesch presents "Chronic cocaine self-administration impairs cognitive control signals in anterior cingulate cortex"
Mar 5th: Tracy Riggins presents "To Nap or Not: Relations Between Napping, Brain Development, and Memory in Preschool Children"
Mar 12th: Morgan Bortdorf presents "Specialization of the Episodic Memory Network in Early Childhood" 
                Tamara Allard presents " Associations between item-location binding and hippocampal subregions in 4 to 8-year-old children
Mar 19th: Spring break
Mar 26th: Doug Schuweiler presents "Effects of repeated amphetamine on acquisition of Pavlovian autoshaping"
Apr 2th: Jeremy Purcell presents "Re-Learning to Be Different: Using Local Neural Heterogeneity to Track Language Recovery"
Apr 9th:Rosaline Nyugen presents "Considering what you consider: An exploration into exploiting your search for meaning"
Apr 16th: Farrah Madison presents "Sex differences in the effects of paternal deprivation on hippocampal volume in microglia density in the adult California mouse (Peromyscus californicus)"
Apr 23th: Sarah Dziura presents "The effect of joint social interaction on affective movie viewing"
Apr 30th: Shakeera Walker presents "Paternal deprivation induces sex-dependent effects on social anxiety and preference for social novelty in adult California mice (Peromyscus californicus)"
May 7th: Alec Sloway presents "Recognition memory differences in obsessive-compulsive disorder"


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